Arrow Technical Service

Secure Media Transportation and Sanitization

All too often it's not possible to access media to ensure correct and secure data deletion in the event of a defect. Even if it is possible to access the media, the proper deletion software or equipment is not always available on site. This is particularly difficult in remote branch offices and where a 24/7 operation is concerned.
Managing the entire process chain is also important: Will the media be collected? Where will it be stored? Who has, or has had, access? In case of doubt, it must be possible to prove that no data has been lost and that the requirements of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the UK Data Protection Act or the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) have been complied with.
This is extremely costly and virtually economically impossible for service providers operating at locations without their own personnel.

Scope of service:

- Worldwide collection of media or entire systems in accordance with the agreed SLA
- Transportation in special security containers with real-time monitoring
- Electronic sealing with protection against manipulation
- 24/7 monitoring of the security container with an alert feature
- Seal inspection and media sanitization in accordance with the principle of dual control

Certificate to prove secure transport, irreversible data deletion and environmentally-friendly disposal.

Please contact us should you require monitored and armoured transport. After delivery, the customer has a maximum of three business days to fill the security container, seal it in accordance with the instructions provided on the included USB flash device and arrange collection.

This global service has been audited and certified by the TÜV Rheinland in Germany. The structured processes and ongoing quality control establishes a continuously high support and service quality.

Rack and Stack

Arrow boffers support options that include the services of an on-site engineer – ‘Rack and Stack’. The role of the on-site technician is to perform basic installation tasks.

Specifically, the qualified technician will:

- Mount appliance into a rack if necessary
- Install unit to existing power and network points
- Power up unit to operational state
- Configure unit with customer provided IP address to return system to working state
- Establish IP connectivity

Hand-over to the centralized management via telephone upon request. For this service, a time frame of maximum 90 minutes is provided.

If the service exceeds 90 minutes due to partner’s fault, another appointment will be arranged or, if there’s enough time, a new bill charging the extra required time will be sent right away to the partner.

The on-site technician service does not include restoring configuration, recovery or transfer of any data to the new appliance, or any other custom configuration or network interface activities.
These activities are the customer’s sole responsibility and/or may be performed by the customer’s reseller partner as agreed.