High Availability and Security for your Cluster by ProLion and Arrow ECS


Hochverfügbare Cluster mit ProLion und ArrowOn the save side with ClusterLion

ProLion is the only supplier in the market who offers the highes availability using a "two-locations-concept". Thus ProLion guarantees data consistency at any time, even in a split brain scenario.Download ProLion Infomaterial

Excellent availability by ClusterLion

Do you operate online shops or production control systems, carry out online banking or use other business-critical applications which have to be available around the clock?

Then you have come to the right place, because ClusterLion increases the availability of your important applications!

Cluster technology offers excellent availability, but power failure scenarios can occur even in mirrored cluster systems.

ClusterLion protects your cluster form failures that can cause substantial costs and damage your image.

The availability of your storage cluster and critical corporate applications is improved.

ClusterLion is simple to implement

Only two data centre locations are required, which reduces costs and complexity. Installation takes place without any interruptions of your operations.

Take the first crucial step towards high availability for your cluster.


High Availability by ClusterLion

Your advantages at a glance

  • ClusterLion monitors your cluster.
  • ClusterLion improves availability of your storage cluster and of business-critical applications and data.
  • Costs and complexity are reduced, thanks to the two-location concept.
  • Even in the event of a power failure at one location, the cluster services are properly transferred and all applications remain available.
  • Data loss in a split brain scenario is thus prevented by ClusterLion.
  • ClusterLion can be retrofitted to any existing storage cluster without any interruptions. Just a few hours’ implementation time is needed for excellent availability.

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