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Check Point Software Technologies Secure the Internet.

Since 1993, Check Point has maintained a market leading position, by providing innovative and forward thinking security products that address end customer real-world needs. 

Check Point products enable partners of all sizes to deliver intelligent security solutions based on a unified architecture, which allows enterprises of all sizes to improve security whilst reducing cost and complexity. 


With Check Point's latest 3D Security vision, Check Point redefines security as a 3-dimensional business process that combines policies, people and enforcement for stronger protection across all layers of security -  including network, data and endpoints.

  • Policies that support business needs and transform security into a business process
  • Security that involves People in policy definition, education and incident remediation
  • Enforce, consolidate and control all layers of security- network, data,  application, content and user

 Check Point’s go-to-market model is 100% indirect and have relied on their channel partners of all sizes to keep pace with the ever changing landscape of Internet security and subsequent product release, driving Check Point sales to where is now in excess of $1.2bn per annum.

With their indirect model, Check Point recognises that partnerships are critical to the company's success and so has a clearly defined partner tiering program structure that recognises partner focus, resource commitment and revenue contribution, rewarding partners with increased discounts and marketing development funding.

In a market place where service revenues feature at the top of most partner’s agenda, Check Point entrust qualified, accredited support partners to collaboratively support Check Point end customers with their CCSP program.  Few vendors offer this in as clear and comprehensive SLA mix, and so provide a solid platform for all important services revenues development.



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