Innovative Storage-Systemes and Software by NetApp and Arrow ECS

NetApp Storage Systems bei Arrow  

Innovative Solutions from NetApp cut your IT costs and accelerate your Business

 NetApp creates innovative products - storage systems and software that help customers around the world store manage, protect and retain one of their most precious corporate assets: their data.

NetApp is passionate about finding ways to enable customers to do things they couldn't before at a speed they never thought possible. They partner with industry leaders to create the most efficient and cost-effective solutions optimised for their IT needs, and to deliver and support them worldwide. NetApp customers are able to:
  • Reduce their data centre footprint by 50%
  • Boost storage utilisation by 200% and storage system performance by up to 400%
  • Achieve up to 166% ROI as a result of data centre transformation

Resources go further and business moves faster with a NetApp storage foundation.

We already have in place the experience, facilities, infrastructure and vision to increase customer satisfaction and to help you capitalise on the exciting opportunities presented by NetApp solutions.  

To become a NetApp partner or transition your business to Arrow ECS, please contact our NetApp team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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