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Tufin is a leading provider of Security Policy Management solutions that enables companies to cost-effectively manage their network security policy, proactively avoid security and business continuity risks, and ensure Continuous Compliance with regulatory standards.

Founded in 2005, Tufin serves more than 1200 customers in industries from telecom and financial services to energy, transportation and pharmaceuticals, and partners with leading vendors including Check Point, Cisco, Juniper Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, F5, Blue Coat, McAfee and BMC Software.

Tufin’s award-winning firewall management products, SecureTrack™ and SecureChange™, empower organisations to manage change and successfully pass audits while slashing costs and time with automation. The recently launched SecureApp™ is a revolutionary approach to managing network security policies from the application perspective, allowing security and application teams to accelerate service delivery, assure business continuity, simplify network operations and monitor compliance.  





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