Virtualisation and Cloud Infrastructure by VMware and Arrow ECS

Virtualisierungslösungen Vmware Arrow ECS   VMware is the global leader in virtualisation and cloud infrastructure delivering customer-proven solutions that accelerate IT by reducing complexity and enabling more flexible, agile service delivery. VMware enables enterprises to adopt a cloud model that addresses their unique business challenges. VMware’s approach accelerates the transition to cloud computing while preserving existing investments and improving security and control.

You can dramatically improve the availability, performance and utilization of your IT resources through VMware virtualization, where the hardware resources of a single computer are used by multiple virtual machines. Each virtual machine is isolated from the others, eliminating potential conflicts. Virtualizing a single physical computer is great, but the real power of virtualization comes into play when you build an entire virtual infrastructure, improving application availability and agility while simplifying management. VMware offers the highest performing and most scalable virtualization platform in the industry for even the most resource-intensive business critical applications at the lowest TCO.  





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