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SecureGUARD GmbH is one of the leading European manufacturers of high-quality integrated security solutions with headquarters in Linz, Austria. Its long years of experience in the development and production of Security Appliances have allowed a wide range of security hardware solutions to be developed. All appliances, from small low-maintenance, low-noise branch office versions to high-performance, high-redundancy units with 12 CPU cores, have the same SecureGUARD functionality.

Securing your content, blocking virus and spam activities and accessing business data from virtually anywhere - all that with a bandwidth greater than ever and on the maximum level of security. That is the challenge companies have to rise to today!

Providing a wide range of security appliances, we meet all needs of our customers, from SOHO to enterprise solutions.

SecureGUARD will push you up to the highest level of information and content security.





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Sales Manager
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Sales Manager
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