The authorized Trainings Center of Arrow ECS

Arrow ECS Education understands your business imperatives and appreciates that any time and budget spent on storage, networking and security training must bring measurable results. Effective management of expensive IT resources demands constantly refreshed and reinforced knowledge. This growing dependence on technology means professional training has never been more critical to your business.


At Arrow ECS Education, the specialists we employ are leading experts in the subjects they teach.

In addition to their technological skills, these women and men are inspired by a passion to share their expertise. We believe that, above and beyond theory or technical skills, a trainer's job is first and foremost a question of passion. Furthermore, our trainers seek to supplement their teaching with concrete examples taken directly from their long experience in the field.

In addition to being university-educated, all of our trainers acquire the bulk of their expertise in real-life, real-world situations.

The quality gene

When you buy a car, do you ask if it has an engine? When you fly in a plane, do you check to make sure there's a pilot on board? We believe that the same goes for quality.

We refuse to get involved in long discussions in which we try to give proof, whether credible or not, of the superiority of one service over another. Quality is inherent to Arrow ECS Education; for us, it's a given.

We believe it's the very least we can do!


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